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Putters of Glass


Read how people are rating the Putter made of Glass!!

The putter is a true conversation piece. It will undoubtedly get comments for its looks.
...but how does this unique putter REALLY perform?

The comments we hear speak for themselves:
...."smooth roll" ...."outstanding"
....."relaxing" ...."great balance"

Golfers who play with the Putter made of Glass tell us:

  • "My average number of putts per round with my previous putter was 45. My average number of putts with the glass golf putter is 35."
    ...Douglas from Livermore, CA [Life Member, Golf Society of the U.S.]


  • "The club rolls the ball really well with little effort. This golf putter has the best feel of any putter I have ever used."
    ...Bill from Summerville, SC [Charter Member, Golf Society of the U.S.]


  • "Since I got my new putter made of glass, I put away what I thought was my favorite putter!"
    ...Jack from Naples, FL

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